Reply To: Spain vs Portugal – Which do you like best?

  • Brett Peel

    April 25, 2023 at 8:33 AM

    I’ve been almost entirely focused on Portugal up to this point. On my initial investigation, Spain had negatives of a longer citizenship path and higher taxes (wealth tax). So I pretty quickly leaned into PT. In fact, we’re leaving on a 4 wk trip to PT in a few weeks to check things out.

    But we just recently listened to the WGR podcast on Torremolinos, and learned that the wealth tax is not applicable in that region. Torremolinos was the area in Spain we were originally looking at. But, there’s still a longer path to citizenship than in PT…

    So PT is still #1 choice, but now I’m more open to investigating the Torremolinos area again! I guess another vacation is in order!

    Brett and Brett

    Santa Rosa, CA