Reply To: Retirement in Europe?

  • Guy Farrands

    April 7, 2023 at 2:04 PM

    My ideal is six months in Spain, and six months in Sydney Australia where I live. Obviously, this is not simple to achieve, especially with pets (Australian quarantine regulations are exceptionally strict).

    Last year I was able to spend six months in Spain. Unfortunately, I had a heart problem and so had to navigate the Spanish medical system. I have no reason to think that the quality of care I received in Madrid was any less than I would have received at home. However, English is not spoken by everybody in the medical system, and English competency varies considerably even in the hospital I visited which specifically marketed itself to expats. The upshot of all of that is that even with full insurance to properly participate in all aspects of your own health care I believe you need decent Spanish.

    That said I’m planning on returning this northern summer to look at a few more locations.

    One place people might want to consider is the Canary Islands. Gran Canaria (especially Maspalomas) is very gay, the major city Las Palmas is beautiful with echoes of Rio de Janeiro and Valencia and there are VERY cheap flights to just about everywhere in Europe. For example, it can be cheaper to fly from Gran Canaria to Berlin than from Madrid to Berlin. The population of Grand Canaria alone is about 1 million people, so there is pretty much everything you might need.